SmartCityStudio is a planning and consultancy firm that advises governments, non-governmental organizations and private parties on how to create Smart Cities that are cleaner, safer, more efficient, interactive, inclusive and attractive. To achieve this many urban projects demand advanced knowledge of urban planning tools, Smart technologies, creative communication, strategic decision making and stakeholder participation. SmartCityStudio offers among others the following services of which many often come together in one project.

  • Urban planning and strategies
  • Benchmarking of cities and key smart city indicators
  • Storytelling and creative production for effective communication
  • Analysis of smart technologies
  • Open data initiative advise
  • Open data apps development
  • Development of innovations on the edge of technology and the city
  • Analysis of complex urban and legal processes
  • Regional planning
  • Stakeholder analyses
  • Workshops and stakeholder participation
  • Project definition and resource mobilization
  • Spatial economic strategies
  • Slum upgrading in Latin America and Africa
  • Quality of living environment indexing
  • Development of inclusive planning tools
  • Concepts for place making
  • Clean energy strategies
  • Urban mobility analysis and concepts
  • Public space strategies and design

SmartCityStudio collaborates with Technology firms, Data specialists, Economists, Law firms, Engineers and Creative producers.
SmartCityStudio collaborates intensively with SmartCityArchitects.