SmartCityStudio is a think-tank and blog on Smart Cities curated by Rogier van den Berg with contributions from SmartCityStudio’s partners.

SmartCityStudio develops ideas, concepts and solutions for innovative urban systems in both private and public sector related to urban planning, finance, technology, policies and partnerships with a strong interest in emerging economies and economies in transition. All posts published on this blog are SmartCityStudio’s own views only.

Rogier van den Berg has been working for over 17 years as an architect, urban planner,  academic, innovator, entrepreneur and diplomat. He has a broad experience and knowledge in sustainable urban development and in ‘making cities’. He advises national, regional and local governments and private sector industries on urban plans, projects, policies and innovation. Currently he is Head of the Urban Lab at the United Nations Human Settlements Program in Nairobi operating in over 50 countries globally. Previously he has been: director of Zandbelt&vandenBerg an architecture and urbanism office in Rotterdam, Head of the Department of Urbanism at the Amsterdam University of the Arts and lecturer at Delft University of Technology, chair of regional design and metropolitan strategies. Besides his global urban operations he is partner of a boutique architecture firm with his wife BERG + KLEIN. He is a lifelong musician and plays several instruments.

Rogier van den Berg has built a strong international network and body of knowledge. He has worked / works in the Netherlands, Great Britain, France, U.S.A, Italy, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Russia, Belarus, China, Brazil, Mexico, Surinam, Jamaica, Finland, Norway, Kenya, Colombia, South Africa, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Ghana, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Myanmar, India, the Philippines, Somalia, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Haïti, Palestine, Equador, Belize, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Turkey.